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Male (23) looking for Female Stockholm, Sweden

Skydiving instructor

Rock / Metal enthusiast

Pokémon lover

I am nice to everyone. None of that "i can be the best friend ever bla bla bla but if you mess with me you are ****** !!!!! bla bla bla *insert random insult here* " bullshit everyone on this website seems to write on their "about me"s

League of Legends addict (Diamond 2 on the EUW server)

I love coding, especially on CPlusPlus

Loves talking to new people from all over the world

Tolkien was/is the best writer ever. **** off with your Twilight bullcrap.

Yes, i am Swedish, yes, english is not my native language, and therefore I suck at it, and yes, I do have an accent

Animal protector

I absolutely hate people who sign up on this kind of website and just ignore everyone. I try to start lots of nice conversations in the nicest way possible. If you don't answer back, it's your loss.

I am 100% straight, but that doesn't mean homosexual people can't be my friends, so feel free to add me / talk to me if you want to. I love everyone, no discrimination.

Why am I still typing?


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